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Lena Laki is a German-born indie-folk singer/songwriter based in Athens.

Her Debut EP Take Me With has received acclaim from international media and radio play on UK radio stations such as BBC Radio and Express FM. 

Gigslutz (UK) hailed Lena as “One of those ultimately talented musicians it is essential to appreciate“, while Love is Pop (US) declared Lena’s material as "nothing short of gorgeous."


Her music can be described as indie dream folk with a hint of jazz. 

"Magical music...nothing short of gorgeous." (Love is Pop, US)

"Dream folk with a hint of gold to soothe your soul." (Phoenix Session, UK) 

Over the past years Lena has built up a fanbase, performing in many of London's best known venues, she has made an appearance on the acclaimed Wilderness Festival and has played concerts across Germany and Greece too. Her influences range from Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake to Radiohead and Goldfrapp. 

Her music is the common creative project with her partner, the lyricist Chris Diakoulakis, with whom she is co-writing songs together. Lena Laki is working with the producer Costas Stergiou and is currently working towards an Album. 

Lena’s songs themselves capture that feeling of sweet surrender, melancholic and hopeful at once, as Lena’s warm, confident voice blends each time with the lamenting cello, and heartfelt melodies bring to life tales of eerie encounters and impossible separations.

Brave and original, haunting and instantly addictive, her music bears simultaneously that ageless quality of an old favourite and the inventiveness of that cool indie, folky album we pride ourselves on discovering first. 

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