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"TAKE ME WITH is her debut release and it is an assured opener with glorious arrangements and a confidence in its delivery. The songs are rich, almost lush without being overblown or overplayed at any point, there is poise, power and restraint. Lena Laki's vocals capture from the start of the first track a sense of intensity, longing and melancholy.(...) 

More like this please." 

Northern Sky Magazine, UK

"Discovery of The Week:

Lena Laki is one of those ultimately talented musicians it is essential to appreciate. (...) "Take Me With" is a melancholic, beautifully self-aware and mature piece of work." 

Gigslutz, UK


"Lena Laki's magical music is dreamy folk but with a hint of Jazz elegance. (...) Like all of the songs on the EP, Craving is nothing short of gorgeous."

Love is Pop, US


"A contemplative voice which hazes across the ears emotes of saturnine perspective and the audience becomes lost in the forest of despondency with its beguiling beauty that holds closely to the heart."

Emerging Indie Bands, UK


"Pro tip: if you wanna win us over, particularly in a folk milieu, strings will have us melted in no time. So it’s a good thing that German-born, London-based Lena Laki employs them to hugely devastating effect on her studio debut Take Me With. It’s a slow-burning, spare number that takes its melancholy to new levels with the addition of that doleful violin, while Laki sings with the most earnest sentiment. A fine introduction."



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